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Grocery re-imagined to bring you
convenience without compromise
Drive-up grocery delight
No lines, no crowds, no hassle.
With no crowds, busy parking lots, or chaotic checkout lines to worry about, getting the groceries you want is just a quick pit stop. From easy online ordering to our first-of-its-kind, pull-through pickup experience, we’ve thought of every last detail to make getting your groceries as reliable and convenient as possible.

Your food, when you want it – sun, rain, or snow.
Delivery sounds great! Until that fresh produce you bought arrives early and is left freezing on your front porch. Addie’s Drive-up grocery means we keep your food safe and sound until you arrive. Unlike other supermarkets we have hundreds of pick-up slots available daily with the flexibility to adapt to your busy schedule. And our bold, spacious canopy means that you, your bags and our team stay comfortable and safe no matter the weather.

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No Unwanted Surprises
Get everything you ordered, every time.
We know exactly what’s on our shelves and reserve your products the second you place your order. We keep track of every expiration date, and perishable items are inspected daily to guarantee only the freshest items are available. Thanks to our unique drive-up only model, Addie’s maintains a more accurate inventory than traditional supermarkets. That’s how we’re able to avoid out-of-stock or poor substitution surprises when you arrive to pick up your bags.

Exactly the way you ordered it.
We love a good surprise, but surprise groceries? Not so much. We understand that when you order gluten-free bread, you need gluten-free bread – not just a whole-wheat loaf. Every little detail of your order matters to us, which is why you’ll receive exactly the food you want.

Better for You, the Community, and the Planet
Built for a better day.
With sprawling piles of unsold products and energy-squandering open-air refrigerated displays, the supermarket wastes precious resources along with your money. Our drive-up only model means stocking only what we need, turning inventory faster, and using a quarter of the energy of a traditional supermarket. Less food wasted, less energy wasted, means fresher food, a healthier planet, and more savings in your pocket.

Most of today’s online grocery provides hit-or-miss convenience on the backs of underpaid, overworked gig-economy employees. Addie’s delivers a higher quality, more convenient, experience because we provide better, high-quality, well-paying jobs to our team. With Addie’s you can experience convenience without the guilt of knowing that someone suffered to make it happen.

Caring for our community.
Addie’s is committed to reducing food insecurity and keeping food waste out of landfills. When items are approaching expiration but are still in good quality, we donate to local food banks or give them away to our customers. Currently, we partner with Boston-based Food Rescue US to distribute to Norwood Food Pantry, Norwood Council on Aging, Dedham Food Pantry, and Canton Food Pantry, with our team working to identify future partners on an ongoing basis.

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In Pursuit of Produce Perfection
Like you picked it yourself.
Instead of rummaging through a picked over, “pre-squeezed” selection, your fruits and veggies are safely and minimally handled only by our highly-trained team. That unblemished banana or perfect pear is selected carefully to make sure only the best produce fills your bag. Every time you order produce, you can see and taste the Addie’s difference.

Crisp and cold throughout.
Instead of waiting at room temperature to be stocked or bagged, Addie’s produce makes its way from truck to our cooler in just seconds. From storage through picking it never leaves our temp-controlled environment. When you arrive, our team gathers your cold items last – ensuring it’s only 1 minute from our cooler to your car. Fresh has never been this fast!

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